The fabric of my life has changed over my soon to be 70 years on this planet – different colors, different textures, different patterns in the weaving. I can look back and see how the mantle has gone from being quite a simple design to a more intricate pattern with fewer colors at the beginning turning into a richly colored tapestry as time wore on. In the last years, some threads have stretched to allow for more freedom of movement, less shape to the piece, and less binding. And most recently, some of the threads have frayed, allowing more light to pass through, more air, more exposure to the elements.

Most recently, I have had to snip away some of the threads. SNIP, as my sweet little kitty, Buster, declining in his 17th year had to be released from his cancer and pain; SNIP, retiring as an acupuncturist after 25 years; SNIP, as I went through the seemingly endless exercise of cleaning out my home of family heirlooms and precious mementoes. SNIP as my home of 14 years, refuge, temple of Nature’s finest denizens and holder of memorable life experiences was sold and passed along to a new family; SNIP, as last lunches and last suppers have been spent saying goodbye to good friends, old and new. SNIP, as each key from my key ring was removed – office, house, mailbox, friend’s home, and, yesterday, car key, leaving only the ring that held them onto another representative circle (see blog post 2/20/19); SNIP, yes, I handed over the key to my Honda Fit to its new owner and watched him drive her away – goodbye little Fit…you have served me well. SNIP as I turned in my license plates with the unique letters, “AQPNTR,” to the Tag and Title company; and SNIP as I walked back, a practice I will be adopting now that my wheels are my feet!

Up until today, there has always been “one year, one month, one week, 4, 3, 2, days!” until I go. Today is it. The last day here in the U.S.of A. for quite a long time….and now, it does feel different. Tomorrow, at 9 p.m. I am leaving for France…with no return ticket! Until now, I haven’t felt much of anything – just a kind of pushing ahead, taking care of each detail as it comes across my path or into my mind. I really haven’t taken in or considered  what lies ahead until the last few days, with less on my “to do” list and time to just be. Now, I can see a new path unfolding and look over my shoulder at the threads that have fallen away, leaving some openings in the fabric. The fabric continues to be woven into the story of my life which is changing once again, this time with less structure and shape, with more looseness and freedom to move about. My hair is platinum, and my life is golden as I end my 70th year, so new threads of silver and gold are being woven into this beautiful and aging tapestry. A touch of sparkle and shine gives new life and possibility to the richness of my coming days.

28 Replies to “Weaving”

  1. Another beautifully written addition to your blog. Gorgeous metaphors and truth, poetically expressed.
    I didn’t really say goodbye after our lunch, as we both thought we might run into one another again before you left. I tried calling your cell phone without success.

    So………..here I am, saying “Goodbye, Kate” the only way I can.

    I wish you adventure, joy and fulfillment of your dream.
    I will miss you
    Much love to you, my friend
    ~ Patti

    1. Thank you, dear Patti, for the lovely lunch, and more, for your wonderful friendship over the past years. It is not goodbye..just a brief interval of time and space! Au revoir! (Until we see again!)

  2. Bon voyage at bonne chance!!! What a beautiful way to see the winding road ahead of many possibities and the snipping away of what has been left behind as history.

    1. Let the adventure begin! Enjoy every moment Kate. I can’t wait to read all about your next chapter of life.

    2. Let the adventure begin! Enjoy every moment Kate. I can’t wait to read all about your next chapter of life.

  3. So beautifully written by my brave and beautiful college suite mate! I am flying into Paris on Aug 31st and on to Lyon on Sept 5th. Any chance of connecting with you and if so, best way to reach you? Bon Voyage sweet girl!

    1. I will try to make that happen. I’ve never visited Lyon and would love to go there to meet up with you. Lots happening in Sept., and it might just work out. Let me know when around the 5th you’d be free to meet.

  4. Bon voyage, dear Kate. Such beautiful writing. I really appreciate your writing and the pictures you paint with your words. Keep writing and enjoying your beautiful life. God speed tomorrow night and beyond.

  5. Enjoy your journey sweet woman. Paris, watch out, here comes Kate.
    ‘I trust in the process of life and I know she will be safe’.
    Hugs and Bon voyage.

  6. Bon Voyage! I almost feel like I’m on my way too. May your wildest dreams come true. And may you experience dreams you have yet to have.

    1. Thanks so much Sherry! Life has certainly been surprising over the last 2 years as I’ve prepared for this, so I feel certain it will cotinue. I am trying to stay open to whatever shows up…and then write about it!

  7. Kate, One of my favorite quotes is: “Make your life a work of art,” by Jill Ker Conway which is exactly what you are doing today….PeggySent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  8. Best always Kate! May your French adventure be full of love and surprises. 🥂🇫🇷🥖♥️

    Peace, Lynnie Hunter 🙏🏻🎵

  9. Beautiful, Kate. Your writing and thought processes are Art and Heart, at the same time. Your eyes are open. You are present to the moment. Ahhh, breathe it all in, and extra for your vicarious travelers. xoxo Pamela

  10. Such a perfect analogy and beautifully expressed as well, May you have more threads and more spaces! Love to you.

  11. Dear Kate, I am happy we ran into each other twice. I have held you in my heart these days leading up to your trip.
    Happy 70th Birthday! Bon Voyage!
    Love, Bonnie

  12. Hi Kate! I’ve been following your blog the whole time and keep intending to write. This one brought me to tears, both happy and sad. I’m just so glad for you, living your dream. Your writing is beautiful, and an inspiration to everyone who has a dream. My cutting loose wasn’t as complete as yours. I think I have another round coming : )
    Peace and love,

    1. What a wonderful note from you Cindy! I think of you often, so thanks for checking in. I don’t know if I have an email or some other way to respond to you, so if you could send me one, that would be great. My old email works if you still have that. In the meantime, I’ll try to find one for you. Kate

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