Notes to Readers

May 2, 2019

 Just a quick note to let you all know that, whenever possible, I DO respond to your comments. I do so by hitting “reply” right on your comment post and then “send” it back. However, I have no way of knowing if you receive those replies…if they come to your email address or if they just stay on the site for you to see when you return. If any one of you has seen or received my replies, would you please let me know? Thanks!

January 24, 2019

The Header photo at the top of each page is one I took in October (2018) when I visited Paris. Giverny was the home of Monet where he painted the famous bridge over the pond, and the beautiful Water Lillies life-sized paintings. These are housed by the Orangerie in Paris, a museum dedicated to those paintings and other wonderful Impressionists. If you are in Paris, you must go! I had not visited Giverny before because my early trips to Paris were before 1980 when it was first opened to the public.  In later years, the weather seemed always to be raining and cold, so just not the kind of day to walk around Monet’s incredibly beautiful gardens and lovely French country home. So, this past October, with the most beautiful weather I’d ever had in Paris, was made for the trip. Giverny is about a 1 hour trip by train north of Paris. The photo was taken along a footpath leading into the grounds of Giverny, by a stream and bamboo forest. A most tranquil and spirit-filled place.

January 23, 2019

As a work in progress, this blog will undergo minor changes, corrections, etc., and the author, me, will learn new things that perhaps you might need to know to make your visits here go smoothly. So, check here periodically for updates! Newest posts will be first.

One IMPORTANT thing….the Home Page is where you will find the latest posts. Earlier posts which may give you some backstory that would be helpful, appear in the ARCHIVES section in the right-hand column. Click on the highlighted dates in the months you missed!

One other thing. The blog now has its own URL – See you here!

9 Replies to “Notes to Readers”

  1. Kate!! What an extraordinary journey you are on! It is wonderful reading your blog. You have so many talents I never knew about. Wish I could join you. I am planning to go to the UK next Sept. and would like to dip over to the continent while I am there. Not sure where I would go. I look forward to reading more.
    Linda Neely

    1. Bonjour, Linda!!! Long time no hear/talk!! So glad to have you along for my delightful ride – truly the culmination of a lifetime of longing to live comme une française! I appreciate your kind words. Indeed, in addition to realizing this dream, I have always wanted to write and paint and, frankly, to not work!!! Life is good! Are you still in Richmond? Practicing acupuncture and/or nursing? Have a great trip to England next fall – who knows, I could still be here then! À toute à l’heure!

      1. Jane

        I just read your post in Lyon. It’s just 8 weeks from this weekend that I leave for 2 months in Lyon.
        I plan to visit Montpellier as well and hope to take you to dinner or lunch if you can spare the time.


      2. Hello, Fran! I think your message was meant for me…not sure about the “Jane” part!!! IF it was, I’m so happy you will be spending time in Lyon…a wonderful city….certainly get in touch if/when you are in Montpellier and we can definitely have lunch or dinner. Just send a comment and I will respond via email. Hope to meet you.

  2. Your post is a wise acknowledgment of how relationships evolve throughout our lives. I am truly happy for you that you have found such utter contentment where you are right now. I’m always here, though, ready to pick right up where we left off.

  3. Hi Kate, Hope you are well and settled into your new home. How are every day activities in your town? We are in quite a media frenzy here in the states regarding the coronavirus. People are cancelling trips everywhere. I’m still planning to fly to France in two weeks and thought I’d check with you, a LOCAL, to get an update. Thoughts from you on life in France?

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